Residential Cleaning

Residential Bin Cleaning

Curbside trash can cleaning is a great service for homeowners who store their garbage and recycling cans both indoors and outdoors. Regular cleanings ensure that cans are well-maintained, prevent bugs and rodents, and provide a cleaner environment for your home. We use a process of heat (2000  hot water and pressure (3000 psi) to sanitize, disinfect  and deodorize your bins. We offer a variety of service levels to meet your needs.

Sure, you can clean it yourself – but do you really want to? That’s where we come in, with a specialized truck that blasts steaming hot water at high pressure to sanitize your trash & recycle bins, consuming a fraction of the water you would use with your garden hose. Better yet: all that nasty stuff from inside the can isn’t splashing on you, running down your driveway, and polluting the storm drains – it stays on our truck for proper disposal. All you must do is put your cans out on garbage day!

Dirty and smelly trash cans are some of the most germ-filled items in your home and they attract pests and insects including raccoons, opossums, ants, mice, rats, flies, maggots and cockroaches. Once these pests and insects are attracted to the trash cans, they usually don’t stop there! They end up making their way into your house, transferring germs from the trash bins into your home. Years of leaky waste start building up filthy grime inside your trash bins, leading to unbearable smells and creating a home for unwanted critters like – maggots, flies, and harmful bacteria. Bin Bidet eliminates the problem at the source with regularly scheduled bin cleanings!

Bin Bidet is an eco-friendly, cost-effective bin cleaning company that helps homeowners, just like you, get rid of dirt, dangerous bacteria and germs in your trash bins. Protecting your family and community from rodent problems, bad odors, and diseases is our mission. All you must do is leave your trash bins at the curb on your specified collection day and you’ll come back to bins that are clean and sparkly.

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