About bin bidet

About us

After 31 years in the construction industry working mandatory long hours with less-than-ideal vacation time, I decided to follow in the footsteps of some family members and look for my own business opportunities. I came across bin cleaning by accident about three years ago and thought this is something that we could use in this area. Finally, the time is right to get started.  I look forward to building a strong and lasting relationship with the community, and the opportunity to work with the next generation of family members teaching them the values of hard work and the pride of owning and operating your own business.

Why choose us

We are a locally owned and operated family company that doesn’t mind doing the dirty work.

Growing up with parents who were self-employed small business owners, we learned firsthand that you couldn’t be afraid of hard work. In our case, we had to start at the bottom, learn and earn our way up the ranks. When you call Bin Bidet you will talk to an owner who is hands on involved in cleaning your bin. We believe in personal service with a friendly attitude.    

We will strive to provide a reliable and economical service to those who want a germ-free trash and/or recycling can.

Trash can cleaning is a great service for homeowners who store their garbage and recycling cans both indoors and outdoors. Regular cleaning ensures that cans are well-maintained, prevents bugs and rodents, and provides a cleaner environment for your home. We offer a variety of service levels to meet your needs.

Dirty trash cans serve as breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. Having them professionally cleaned by us will get rid of 99.9% of these germs. We use an eco-friendly process, so all that mess doesn’t get dumped on your lawn or washed down the sewer drain.

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